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Core Values: Preciseness, Innovation, Ex哥務cellence, Mutual benefit


    The attitude of being pr木可ecise and pragmatic along with 新能high quality products is the basic子商 belief of our company.

    Innovation and creative designing 事店fruits are the sources of s得身ustainable development of the com歌一pany.

    Being excellent and satisfying 從靜customers’ demanding is 路南the key to our service.們場

    Establishing the long-ter些弟m and solid win-win relationship i玩這s the most important strategy for devel大北opment and improvement.

   &nbs電店p;    Quality Strategy: 


   &n風來bsp;   Looking at the wh唱火ole, focusing on small things.

      &nb村舞sp;Looking at the whole means establi弟白shing culture oriented q拍雪uality system, which has its own soul.

     &n科睡bsp; Focusing on small thing地訊s means we never put of子機f things till tomorro東為w what should be done tod資見ay. With this principl如市e, we improve a little day by樂大 day.

    &nbs業制p;   Recruitment Concept:

    得金    &n哥鐵bsp;

      &遠動nbsp; Individual with talent, then場文 employed; with virtue, then hig這黃hly valued;

    些光    With virtue and talent, treated with hi離月gh respects;

   &n謝姐bsp;    With virtue but not talent,就服 trained before being employ妹你ed;

    歌子;    With talent but not virtue, considere新廠d before being appointed;

      &n雜術bsp; No virtue, no talent, never cons看他idered.

    現小   &n短但bsp;Business Concept: 

   &nb子說sp;    &n習慢bsp;

     &nb子森sp;  Raising the awarene資劇ss of providing servic森醫e;

   &nb有司sp;    Know但個ing existing and pot男可ential customers;

    &歌行nbsp;   Continuously im影視proving service system;

     &n雪舊bsp;  Const花路antly creating the cul技木ture of service.

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