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Zhejiang Yueya Engine Li自著mited Company

is located in the second-tier city Hua朋很ngyan in Taizhou, Zhejiang Pro花計vince. With active priva音小te economy, the city has a農時 good reputation of “City o服姐f Mould”. Since the city is 27 習什kilometers away from Luqiao Airport to可拿 its east,1.8 kilome城雜ters away from entrance/exi志著t of G15 highway, 6 kilometers話請 away from Taizhou HSR station 的對and 1 kilometers away from 雜妹high-speed around the cit懂看y of Taizhou, the transportati筆森on is very convenient. Founded in J唱匠uly 2013,the company is a 愛短start-up specialized i微黑n developing, producing and selling 月票high quality motor engines.車明

There are more than 100 employee學家s in the company, with around 20化區 skilled technicians, 5 senior engi關冷neers and no less than 20 mana北花gers. What’s more, it 外師has professional technical developi商靜ng teams, manufacturi線爸ng teams as well as after-sa中志les service teams. In or商票der to pursue high quality produc花哥ts, small parts of engines 爸業are provided by exce就機llent joint ventures’ brands in China.但為 Our company possesses an advanced prod子新uction line and other費資 equipments, such as C白爸OSMO air tightness testing 遠火instrument, Japanese RHREEBOND profe跳很ssional coating machine, autom習一atic spray cleaning machine and 去睡etc. The main products are about 10 typ站知es of engines, including 1P50QMG1P49QMG1P50QMH-GGC1P50QMH-KZL1P57MJ257MN, which are also 校分sold to Guangdong and Sout下自heast Asian countries人女.

In 2014, the company got China C雨老ompulsory Certification of produc熱木t. In the same year, “6S” ma路算nagement system was implement城愛ed, which standardizes enterprise oper議跳ation and improves company cultur志綠e.

For ensuring high quality 計通of separate components, 去學our company is equipped with p話地rofessional testing instruments, such 看水as hardometer, SRM surface roughness m妹和easuring instrument, Spring 機綠tension and compression t訊快esting machine and etc. 議那In order to make our票音 products take the lead, 技知the whole process of making ma北綠in parts is completely under o有金ur control including produ道行ct designing, mould developing地高, pressure casting, fine machi舊火ning and product inspec資內tion.

From the day that the company has 快醫founded, we hold a belief firmly, t少微hat is, striving for s林個urvival on high quality,報志 occupying market by cred資對ibility and seeking for boo近工ming with good service. Our去員 company is specializ高什ed in developing high quality engin通費es, getting rid of low prices comp那風etition in the field. More important去姐ly, we firmly regard北票 customers’ benefits as the 下雪principle of our services暗雨. With advanced equipments and 機笑professional teams as our adv來關antages as well as long-term deve微紙lopment goals, we supply hi姐著gh quality and high pe開分rformance motor engines.

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Taizhou huangyan district be科員icheng street development zo暗們ne north road no. 1
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