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Zhejiang Yueya Engine Limited C我算ompany

is located in the second-tier city 話不Huangyan in Taizhou, Zhe音多jiang Province. With active priva雜會te economy, the city has a go下多od reputation of “City of Moul草門d”. Since the city is 27 kil地靜ometers away from Lu兵我qiao Airport to its east,1.8 k空妹ilometers away from entrance/exit of不你 G15 highway, 6 kilom視微eters away from Taizhou到資 HSR station and 1 kilomet拍北ers away from high-speed around t鐘訊he city of Taizhou, th哥學e transportation is 都地very convenient. Founded 暗動in July 2013,the company is和上 a start-up specialized in developing,小是 producing and sellin線雨g high quality motor engines什雪.

There are more than 100 employe黑器es in the company, with a水分round 20 skilled techni民綠cians, 5 senior engineers and no l懂腦ess than 20 managers. What’s more, it 行雜has professional technical dev國近eloping teams, manufacturing t筆可eams as well as after-sales servic空低e teams. In order to purs火家ue high quality products,務的 small parts of engines 姐暗are provided by excellent joint ve相頻ntures’ brands in China. Our co輛林mpany possesses an advanced p兒書roduction line and other equipments,做慢 such as COSMO air tightness文信 testing instrument, Japanese RHREEBOND計樹 professional coating machine, auto多校matic spray cleaning machine and et道銀c. The main products are about 子就10 types of engines, i大外ncluding 1P50QMG1P49QMG1P50QMH-GGC1P50QMH-KZL1P57MJ257MN, which are also也外 sold to Guangdong and Southeast Asia空書n countries.

In 2014, the company got Chi木為na Compulsory Certification of 媽拍product. In the same year, “6S” mana高吧gement system was implemen說子ted, which standardizes enterp從市rise operation and improves company cu章雪lture.

For ensuring high quality 廠著of separate components, 市河our company is equippe黃工d with professional t腦子esting instruments, such as ha現謝rdometer, SRM surface r劇金oughness measuring instrument, Spr音知ing tension and compression機下 testing machine and etc. In orde睡窗r to make our products take the l學火ead, the whole process o小黃f making main parts is作的 completely under our contr跳但ol including product designing, moul人好d developing, pressu喝木re casting, fine machinin分風g and product inspection.

From the day that the company has 黑玩founded, we hold a belief 志拍firmly, that is, striving for survival 微多on high quality, occupying mark制費et by credibility and seeking美遠 for booming with good service. Our 聽睡company is specialized in de鄉她veloping high quality engines, getti樹好ng rid of low prices competition in th化她e field. More importantly,唱湖 we firmly regard customers秒銀’ benefits as the principl朋草e of our services. With advanced equipm動街ents and professional teams as ou這科r advantages as well as long-t河電erm development goal城現s, we supply high quality and high perf錯下ormance motor engines.

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Taizhou huangyan district beic機煙heng street developme議弟nt zone north road no. 1
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